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The Kent County Medical Society is a professional association, uniting the physicians in Kent County into a mutual, neutral organization; preserving and promoting the health of the citizens of Kent County, the physician/patient relationship, the medical profession, and the interests of physicians.

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Legislative Report for September 2012

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Don’t forget to vote November 6, 2012!
A recent study was done that examined the voting habits of 85,000 U.S. adult citizens in congressional and presidential elections during the years 1996-2002. The sample included 1,274 physicians and 1,886 lawyers.  The findings were adjusted for variations in demographics. 
The results indicate:  doctors vote significantly less often than the general population.  In elections between 1996-2002,  lawyers voted at a rate that was22% above physicians.  In the 2002 election less than one third of physicians voted!
How can the medical profession enjoy fair treatment by government?   Make sure that candidates who you feel are “favorable to medicine” are elected.  This can be done by simply voting!
Helpful and Important Election Information
1.             If voting on November 6this difficult, PLEASE consider using an “Absentee Ballot”. 
What you need to know about applying for and using an absentee ballot is available at
www.michigan.gov/sos  Review the Frequently Asked Questions section.  You can also visit
or call your local clerk’s office.  The process is simple; you can download an Absentee Voter
Ballot Application form.   
                   Important deadlines:
·         Voter Registration Form: Absentee Ballot Application:Must be received by your Clerk by 2:00 pm Saturday, November 3, 2012
·         Completed Absentee Ballot: Must be received by 8:00 PM on Election Day
2.              Make sure all family members and anyone else that is eligible are registered to vote.  All necessary information can be found  at www.michigan.gov/sos.  The last day to register for the November general election is (postmarked on or before)October 9, 2012.
3.             Attend or host a fund raising event for your legislators and/or judges.   Most people do not like to ask for money.  Consider making a contribution. 
4.             On Tuesday, November 6thmake sure that everyone votes!  Polls open at 7:00 AM,
consider doing it early on your way to the office or the hospital.
Karin Maupin, State Legislative Chairman
Deb Droste, Kent County Chairman