For more than 111 years, the Kent County Medical Society (KCMS) has been representing physicians as they treat patients, advance medical science, maintain high quality profession and educating future physicians and protect the public health. The Society, a politically neutral, professional membership organization for physicians who live and/or work in Kent County, has a tradition of proactive advocacy on behalf of physicians and patients. KCMS is the common ground for physicians of all disciplines to meet the challenges of contemporary health care issues and work for the good of the medical profession and our community. 

Members are encouraged to present opinions and concerns over matters that impact their efforts to serve patients. The KCMS is a recognized contributor in health care for the State of Michigan and has a proven record of leadership and effectiveness with our state legislature, the Michigan State Medical Society, and the American Medical Association. 

Thank you for your membership. Make the most of your membership by becoming active, staying involved and helping your colleagues and the patients we serve.

Donald P. Condit, MD, MBA
President, KCMS Board of Directors